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In “Live to Forgive”, former ESPN producer Jason Romano walks readers through his personal journey of forgiving his alcoholic father. Through sharing his own story, Romano invites readers to enter into their own messy journeys of forgiveness—to fully feel their pain, evaluate their pain, transform their pain, and ultimately forgive those who caused their pain. The only route to freedom and peace is forgiveness.

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“I used to call Jason Romano ‘the nicest guy at ESPN.’ It was the truth. I loved not only working with Jason for eight years at ESPN but also our private conversations about life and spirituality. Like Jason, I have had to cope with loss and trauma in my life and find a way to forgive. This is a much-needed book in our culture and will help to set a lot of people free.”

Trent Dilfer, Former ESPN NFL Analyst, Super Bowl XXXV Champion

“As a songwriter, my goal is to say something fresh in each song—to tell a story in some way. Jason’s book Live to Forgive is a fresh approach to forgiveness, told through the power of story.”

Mac Powell, Singer, Songwriter, and Musician; Third Day Frontman

“One of my passions is to bring hope to a fatherless generation—to help people rise above the challenges of not having a good father figure in their life and still make decisions that cultivate excellence and success. My dear friend, Jason Romano, took the pain in his own life— stemming from his father—and used it to strengthen his mission in the world and bring hope to others. His book is a must-read for all, as we are each challenged to make the most of the hand that we have been dealt and become who God intended us to be.”

Benjamin Watson, NFL Tight End, Author of Under Our Skin and The New Dad’s Playbook

“Jason’s story means a lot to me. I, too, had a challenging relation-ship with my father. It took me a long time to forgive him for the abuse he caused me, and there were many days where I felt like I might not ever be able to. Forgiveness is a difficult thing. Jason does not sugarcoat the process in his book Live to Forgive. He challenges readers to enter into the messiness of the healing process, something that involves a lot of hard work. It was challenging, too, for me to do this—but once I allowed myself to feel, evaluate, and transform my pain, I began to step into the freedom of forgiveness.”

Bart Millard, MercyMe Lead Singer

“I know of no one more decent, honest, and committed to his faith than Jason Romano, so it is no surprise he’s written a book of such searing honesty and emotion. Live to Forgive has a message as real as the lives from which it is drawn. There are challenges and hurdles, pain and tears, and an important message seen through Jason’s relationship with his father. You’ll be touched, and you’ll be informed. And you’ll be better for reading it.”

Bob Ley, ESPN Anchor

“In his willingness to open up about his painful past, Jason cuts to the heart of one of our most basic human needs. Jason’s vulnerable yet practical style takes us on a journey to find the peace that only comes with forgiveness.”

Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports Radio Host

“The more I’ve gotten to know Jason Romano the more I have admired him and his leadership. After all, how many would leave a dream job at ESPN to pursue their calling in ministry? And the fact that he would have the courage to write this very painful and personal story of forgiveness to bring true healing into the world says everything about him and this amazing book. Read it today!”

Jon Gordon, Bestselling Author of The Energy Bus and The Carpenter

“I worked with Jason at ESPN but didn’t know that he had a gift for preaching until I happened to be at Hillside Community Church in Bristol, Connecticut, when he was filling in for his pastor and delivering a sermon. His sermon opened up the gate for the two of us to talk about matters of faith, and I’m confident that his book Live to Forgive will open up the gate to a serious nationwide discussion about forgiveness. I’m thankful for Jason’s testimony and his commitment to help others with their deepest pains and needs.”

Darren Woodson, Former Dallas Cowboys Safety, Three-Time Super Bowl Champion

“In a world that tells us it’s best to mask our pain, keep our brokenness hidden and simply ‘move on’ amidst the chaos of unresolved tension and wounds, Jason’s words are raw, vulnerable, and refreshing. Forgiveness is the key to unlocking true freedom, but the process of forgiving those who have hurt us often invites us into painful territory. It’s gut-wrenching…but it’s glory. Jason has done an outstanding job of inviting the reader into the hardest parts of his life and, in turn, out of the valleys of their own.”

Mo Isom, New York Times Bestselling Author of Wreck My Life